The beauties and the advantages of Vlora

Vlora: beauties and advantages. Beach view.

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In this post we would like to introduce you to the beauties and advantages of Vlora. A must-visit destination in Albania that you will like for sure.

Vlora - view of the beach
Vlora – view of the beach

First of all you might want to know why we have chosen it among all the places on earth!

The beauties

We decidedly believe in Albania and we love the whole Balkan area.

The big potential of this country will leave you speechless and we want to be part of its development.

We recommend it because of its wide beaches and clear water.

Vlora - view of the beach
Vlora – view of the beach

Recently, the historical part of the city has been restored and we are sure you will enjoy it.

TID Vlora before and after
TID Vlora before and after

The TID project beautifully completed the works of restoration and requalification of the urban ensemble Justin Godart. The aim was to conserve and rehabilitate the traditional houses and the cultural heritage areas.

Besides the beauties of its cultural and natural part, we would like to mention some practical notes about Vlora.

The advantages

Vlora is also the fifth most populous city of Albania. That means it has a wide variety of services to offer. From boat tours to rentals cars lots more. Contact us for reservations or simply information >

It’s the perfect holiday destination. Furthermore Vlora is well connected with Italy, where we also manage properties (daily ferries from and to Brindisi).

You may know that nowadays many people give up on professional dental care solutions because of the high prices. We have a solution for that! Albania constitutes a valid alternative also under this point of view. We have set up many professional partnerships with certified dentists based in Vlora. Write us to ask us a price quotation. We will forward your email to our dentists who will provide you prices for your dental care. Of course we will add our accommodation alternatives for apartments close to their cabinets. In this way you will have a complete package for your dental care abroad.

We hope that this short introduction to Vlora provided you enough reasons to visit it. We will write more articles about the beauties and advantages of this area.

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