Hidden treasures of Barcelona

hidden secret places in Barcelona

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You can buy many tourist guides about Barcelona or google up the most known places in the city. But to see it through the eyes of a person who lives there and knows the hidden places is always different. In this post, we will give you some ideas about the hidden treasure of Barcelona that most of the tourists don’t know about.

Botanical gardens of Montjuïc

Botanical gardens of Montjuïc
Botanical gardens of Montjuïc

Let’s start with the botanical gardens. In Montjuïc there are two of them: the first is the bigger one, the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, that everybody knows very well. But apart of this, there is a smaller one, hidden under the mechanical stairs between the National Palace and the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. This is the historical botanical garden of Montjuïc. It’s beautiful! And as it is smaller, it won’t take long to visit it. Take a break here on your way to the Olympic City.

Greek theatre

Greek Theater
Greek Theater

You would never find this place if you don’t know it’s there. The Greek theatre is one of the unknown places of Barcelona, even for its own citizens. Though it’s definitely worth a visit. Apart from the beautiful rose garden, there is also an amphitheatre where you can see many events during the summer, theatrical plays, concerts, dance shows and yoga classes. The amphitheatre was constructed in 1929 for the occasion of the International Exposition of Barcelona. It was located in an old quarry on the mountain, therefore the cut stone wall serves as a theatre scene.

Joan Miró Park

Stairs of Joan Miró Park
Joan Miró Park

There are many parks in Barcelona, but the Joan Miró Park is not well known. It is hidden behind the “Las Arenas”  that nowadays is a shopping mall (converted from a bullfight arena). The Mall has a rooftop with spectacular views to Plaza España and the Magic Fountain with the National Palace in the background. Maybe it’s due to this that this beautiful park is not valued as much as it would deserve. If you want to have a seat in a nice, open-air environment, don’t miss visiting the Joan Miró Park.

The Blai street

Pincho & tapas, Spanish gastronomy
Pincho & tapas

Spain is famous for its gastronomy, but the restaurants frequently overprice their dishes. If you want to taste traditional Spanish food, at an affordable price, visit the Blai street. You can find it between two metro stops: Poble Sec and Parallel. The street is full of pincho, tapas bars and a good atmosphere to spend a nice evening with your friends. If you don’t know which restaurant to choose, the Apartments2be team recommends you some. 

Sant Felip Neri Square

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri Barcelona Barri Gótic
Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

This square has an amazing history and it has all the characteristics that make it one of the hidden treasures of Barcelona. On the walls of the Baroque Church of San Felipe Neri you can still see the effects of shrapnel from a bomb dropped by the aviation of the Spanish fascist side during the Civil War in 1939. In this action 42 people died, most of them children. Next to the church there is still a school, like at the time of the bombing.

The Fat Cat

statue of fat cat at la rambla del raval
Botero’s fat cat statue

We are sure that many of you already heard Phoebe’s song about the smelly cat. This cat does not smell, but it’s big and fat. If you can love something about Barcelona is that this city is full of surprises. Like a fat cat statue in the middle of the way on Rambla del Raval. This piece of art was created by Fernando Botero in 1987 and there’s nothing else on this world like that! The only similar statue is the Fat Horse from the same artist, at the Josep Tarradellas (El Prat) Airport.

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