10 reasons to visit Albania

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In this article we want to provide you 10 reasons to visit Albania.

Have you ever considered Albania for your holidays? If you have not we will tell you why you should start considering it.

Why you should visit Albania

  1. Its borders have been closed for many years due to the devastating regime’s politics. Nowadays the country is safe and ready to be discovered.
Vlora - view of the beach
Vlora – one of the most famous destinations in Albania

2. Tourists start to come over and over as the country itself is rich in natural landscapes, from the coast to the mountains, passing through historical centers you will have plenty of things to do here. On top of that, this territory also has a considerable quantity of rivers, lakes and springs of every kind.

3. The local community is always organizing new events, tours and initiatives. We are working only with regional providers that perfectly know their territory. Book a guided tour with us, our local guides will be delighted to show you the beauties of Albania around.

4. Easy to reach. While the train system is not very developed in the Balkans, we definitely recommend you the following way of transports.

Car or bus

Albania has 18.000 km of roads.


You can find daily flights from Europe and Asia.


For people coming from Italy we remind that there are also daily ferries leaving from Trieste, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi.

5. Albania have had a relatively few cases of Covid-19.

6. The cost of life is very cheap and in these days it’s an important factor as well.

7. Moreover the culinary tradition is rich and vary.

8. Friendly welcoming and roughly easy to communicate. We remind you that the main language is Albanian but most of the people speak English and Italian and in some cases German as well.

9. History. This country has a lot to offer, from the prehistoric traces that you still can find on the mountains to the Romans vestiges in the populated zones. It is also full of monastery and ancient interesting buildings with strong influences from the Ottoman empire and Communism.

10. Last but not least, maybe you have never thought of it before but the one of cheap and efficient dentists is a trend and this kind of tourism is developing more and more:

10 reasons to visit Albania... or maybe more! Check out our apartments and hotels in Albania
10 reasons to visit Albania… our apartments are located in the most attractive places

Is this enough to convince you that Albania is worth a visit? If yes, and you’d like to travel already, contact us and we provide you with the best tips and recommendations.

Where to stay

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When to travel

Albania has a lovely warm and temperate weather most of the year. Should you looking for a hot summer or simply a mild winter, Albania will amaze you!

In the next days we will provide you some more reasons to discover Albania and our destinations.

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